Beacon Capital
ESI Design
Los Angeles, CA
Vime Video Player
101 North Brand Boulevard

Colin Hoy

Software Developer

Chromaphone – a realtime, interactive musical clocktower


Realtime | Previsualization

A realtime control and previsualization system was developed for output and to facilitate the design and creation of the clocktower's interactivity and visualizations.

Using the software, designers build animations, tweak generative parameters and assign color palettes into interactive presets. These presets, along with hourly chimes and takeover videos, are scheduled via a client-facing CMS for realtime playback on the clocktower – including matching generative content in the lobby.

Elemental Sampler

Sensor inputs from the consoles trigger colorful, generative animations and audio soundscapes. Each of the forty console buttons trigger a unique, custom-designed animation built using the software system.

Waterfall Sequencer

Sensor inputs from the consoles build a user-driven, audiovisual sequencer on top of a waterfall particle system – triggering audio and generative effects along the way. The five, eight button consoles mimic a musical staff - each triggering a unique note.